8 of the Dirtiest Horses on the Internet

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8 of the Dirtiest Horses on the Internet

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We all know that horses don’t mind getting down and dirty, especially when you may not want them to. It’s not all fun and games, though, horses like to get in the dirt and dust, especially in the summer, to protect themselves from insects and to get rid of their itching. Once the mud dries, it’s an effective barrier to insects.

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And now, some of the dirtiest horses on the internet!


Source: Pixdaus


Source: TheSunGodDrift


Source: Bdelzer119 on Photobucket


Source: Tawny on Photobucket


Source: Mlrostick on Photobucket


Source: Jen4USC on Photobucket

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Source: Horsenation.com


Source: HighlandSunBridled.co.uk

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