How To Grow Hair Faster Home Remedies

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Whether you are living on a strict budget or just prefer natural treatment for hair growth, you may find home remedies to be the solution. Once you start losing your hair, your self-esteem will begin to suffer.

This will push you even harder to start learning more about how to grow hair faster home remedies.

To help kick-start your effort, a list of home remedies for hair growth and thickness are listed below.

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Hot Oil Treatment With Massage

When it comes to treating your slow growing hair with hot oil treatment, the key is to stimulate the tiny blood vessels nestled in the scalp. This will help increase blood flow to your scalp, resulting in faster hair growth. Hot oil treatments have shown to increase blood circulation, restore natural oil and strengthen the hair follicles.

Egg Yolk And Olive Oil

By combining egg yolk and olive oil together, you can create a great concoction that will enhance your hair growth. This is one of the best natural hair growth tips known to man. Eggs contain a type of protein known as keratin, which is also naturally found in the hair. The egg yolk, along with the olive oil will boost your hair growth. This is one of the most popular fast hair growth secrets.

Lemon Juice

Many people would never think of lemon juice as one of the fast hair growth secrets, but it is. Lemons contain antioxidants, which play a vital role in health. It also contains a variety of B vitamins and nutrients. The idea is to massage the lemon juice into the scalp gently. This will help stimulate blood circulation, resulting in hair growth.

Take Advantage Of Rosemary

Rosemary is an all around excellent herb, but it can really work wonders when it comes to hair growth and health. Not only does it have the potential to increase the length of your hair, but also it can strengthen the roots, while eliminating unwanted dandruff at the same time.

NOTE: We have products designed specifically for people who struggle with slow growing hair. Click here to view them today.

It really is the antioxidants found in the herb that promotes good hair growth. Along with this, rosemary also contains sulfur and silica, which are two powerful ingredients that have the power to reverse hair loss.

There have also been some reports that rosemary was even able to darken certain individuals’ hair. It accomplishes this very task by increasing the circulation to the scalp and unblocking certain hair follicles.

The Power Of Castor Oil

It is no big secret that castor oil is gleaming with omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E. However, what most individuals don’t know is that omega-9 and vitamin E are both excellent supplements when it comes to hair growth.

Along with this, the think oil has the ability to moisturize your hair and add volume, which are two things that a lot of individuals desire. There have also been many reports and studies revolving around castor oil and its properties to fight scalp infections and do away with unwanted frizz.

To apply castor oil to the hair it is recommended to mix equal parts of the oil with equal parts of another base oil. This will not only enhance the consistency of the oil, but it will increase the benefits in the process.

Once mixed, go ahead and rub the mixture on your scalp in a massaging motion and let it set on the hair for thirty to forty-five minutes. After that time is up, you can go ahead and rinse the oil mixture out and shampoo the hair.

Where to from here?

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