Here`s what others are saying about Mane `n Tail

Thousands of women (and men) are already enjoying the benefits or Mane `n Tails range of shampoos and conditioners! Mane `n Tail has also been placed in many mainstram movies and featured on the show Ellen Degeneres.


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Mane `n Tail has helped thousands of women and men with problematic hair, here are some of their stories!


Review by S. Smit

This product has worked miracles on our daughter's flat ironed hair. It has much more bounce since we've started using it! Her hair is thick and naturally curly. M & T has even tamed those curls too, not as kinky now and able to comb straight through them! Why didnt know about this years ago! Awesome great Buy!


Review by Ane

I'm a long time user of this product. I have oily skin so my hair tends to get oily easily as well depending on the climate. Mane N Tail does not weigh my hair down or create more oil for my scalp as other products do.

Great to thicken your hair

Review by Karina

I love this shampoo. I can only use it for a couple weeks or my hair will get very thick. Great if you have weak hair or if you are trying to thicken it. It really works. I bought it for my sister as well and she loved it. My friend who has very thin hair used it also and she could really notice the difference. Worth trying. The bottle is huge and it will last for a while. It does not have a strong smell so it is perfect. I recommend.

This is the good stuff

Review by Rebecca Duncan

This stuff works wonders on human hair. Mine is about to my lower back, but kept breaking off and never getting longer until I got this stuff. Now I can lower my locks down the tower for prince charming to climb up and save me from the dragon. Or however that story goes. Good stuff.